If the eyes are the soul portal, the eyebrows are the framework of that window. They too can say a lot about our character, though.

Our employees welcome you right now to try this physiognomical hypothesis for yourself.

Eyebrows Shape

01 – Ordinary eyebrows

image 01

Medium width and gap eyebrows mean that conventional standards and the dignity of character are respected. Simultaneously, you are not susceptible to over-dramatization, which enables people to love being around you.

02 – Extra-long eyebrows

image 02

People with long eyebrows are very sociable and can stand up to almost any tension. They are dynamic people with unending internal capital and a variety of desires. You are used to solving all your problems alone if you belong to this type and seldom share it with others.

03 – Short eyebrows

image 03

You are very careful of the details and used to stand up for yourself. You don’t want to hear people moaning about their issues, because you often find it tough to face life’s problems. Yet for you, no mountain is too high, surely!

04 – Thick eyebrows

image 04

You have complete trust in your inner talents and external appeal. Conflicts are easy for someone like you. You are literally unstoppable because you have set your sights on a critical target. What other people may think of you is not especially important, you are much more interested to live your life to the full. People of your kind are called, rightly, “free spirits.”

05 – Thin eyebrows

image 05

The delicacy of the thinnest eyebrows tells us. Conflicts are not on your high-priority list, and you can skillfully stop them. What else can I say? You are a perfect listener and a caring spirit all along!

06 – High-arched eyebrows

image 06

Those with high-arched brows are likely in contact to be receptive and selective. When people first see you, they always have a mistaken perception that they think you are self-centered or selfish. The basic fact is, though, that anyone who did not gain your confidence would not be entirely trusted. And, talking about your characteristics, you were always close friends, perfectionism and self-criticism, haven’t you?

07 – Low-arched eyebrows

image 07

An individual with low-arched eyebrows surely is the kind of person you can trust. Such individuals are normally dedicated and willing to develop serious, long-term relationships.

08 – Triangular eyebrows

image 08

The sharp and geometric shape of your eyebrows suggests a complex character. You have the ability to analyze problems easily and decide quickly. Often this spontaneity may contribute to unforeseen consequences, but it certainly has its advantages. You are a natural mentor to inspire others and you are never afraid to take responsibility.

09 – Rounded eyebrows

image 09

Such eyebrows are a clear symbol of grace and care. You’re still willing to support those in need and are never oblivious to the struggles of other people.

10 – Almost straight eyebrows

image 10

Eyebrows without pronounced curves suggest critical thinking and an intellectual mentality. The expression that better fits your life outlook is “measure twice, cut down once.” However, you are not afraid to call a spade and express the unpleasant realities that others like to hide.

11 – “Diagonal” eyebrows

image 11

The steeper your angle of inclination, the heavier your impulses, and passions. In anyone you meet, you leave a lasting impact. People like you know what they expect from life and find the fastest road to success.

12 – Barely visible eyebrows

image 12

A very unusual occurrence: sparse, light-colored eyebrows whose form cannot be readily identified. This indication of vulnerability is certain. You appear to question your own character and ability, which in turn produces shyness and timidity. Offensive and aggressive, you obviously do not suffer. We recommend that you quickly shake off doubts and extend your wings into new accomplishments!