Without recognizing it or not, people sometimes have paranoid feelings that they did not even think of. In detail, they are prone to overreact to everything that happened. It seems like they could do anything for no reason but to draw attention. However, that is not true.

Paranoids are just the way our brain reacts to reality and threats physically. The status can be identified via indicators as sweating, shivering, shallow breathing, a racing heart, shaking, and just overall bad feelings. Think of your reactions when you almost hit another car in rush traffic or land slipperily on a wet floor after getting up from your bed. That is the feeling of paranoia, the feeling when the adrenaline inside you goes fast, and you are in the middle of your terror.

Below, we have listed 10 methods to stop the paranoia before it takes you over control. Try practicing those methods to help you suffer from feeling paranoid more easily.

01 – Massaging your scalp with your own hands.

Pressure in your neck and at the back of your head will decline after your scalp was massaged. Moreover, this activity also speeds up the flow of blood coming to the brain. Scientists have shown that massage therapy can raise the biochemistry of a person. According to the research, massaging increases serotonin and reduces the amount of dopamine produced. The Internet may provide you with a lot of informative instruction on how to do self-massage easily. Keep massaging your scalp and avoid paranoia.

02 – Take deep breaths

Inhales and exhales slowly could have a significant effect on chilling out our minds. Without discussing further, any practical nervous-relief and relaxation procedure would have the method of deep breathing. You can try to reserve, quicken, and combine your breath. It may help calm down your brain. Your body will be urged to produce more necessary enzymes and hormones.

When the paranoid comes, try to calm yourself and do everything slowly with a deep breath. Maybe keep the airflow inside your lung for a bit longer and then exhale slowly. Repeat that action if you need more to decompress your mind. Practice that habit time after time, and you may feel the benefits it may bring about.

03 – Shake a bit

Animals sometimes have shaken bodies when they felt the danger must be moving around them. After evolution, human bodies seem to ignore this natural reaction. The hazard coming from surrounding circumstances have been subtracted mostly. This explains why some of us have the habit of shaking the thighs when we feel worried. So when the paranoid, a kind of danger, comes back to you, try to have your body shaken. Shaking up your body is also an effective way to distract yourself from focusing on your tight situation.

04 – Emergency dark chocolate

Suffering from crazy moments by eating tasty pieces, what else could be more easily? Dark chocolate consists of more than 85% cocoa, which provides you with a perfect amount of magnesium for relaxing. Furthermore, these delicious pieces also include theobromine and tryptophan to cheer you up and help your cells create serotonin. Next time having paranoid emotions, try some dark chocolate. This treat not only cures your biochemistry but also makes you feel happier as alike as being taken care of well.

05 – Splash cold water on your face

If your body needs to be awake and needs more concentration to smartly solve more problems, try this method. Coldwater splashing helps you to stimulate the parasympathetic, proven by scientists. This method effectively works on the vagus nerve on your face, thanks to its responsiveness. The physiological changes, therefore, decrease your heart rate considerably, as well as initiating your immune and digestive systems.

06 – Distract yourself

The best way to solve a problem is to look at its influence. Paranoia often comes after you are concerned, worry about something, or unconsciously wonder about pressuring issues. An impactful method to avoid feeling paranoid is to stop this unwilling thinking. This method is also an important step to get a positive lifestyle, not only to stop feeling paranoid.

You have never been so easy to be distracted by this situation. Everything just depends on your decision, whether you want to be distracted and get out of this anxious moment. Watching movies, calling with your bestie, dancing around a bit without regarding if you are a good dancer. Everything you can do just to stop and replace the time you stay alone chasing off your concern counts. Making up the house or your room only also can help you make up your mind. You may not suffer utterly from your paranoia since your first attempt, but this method can be practiced. Try distracting yourself as much as possible when the toxic thoughts come, and you will see how your life becomes more positive and more active day by day.

07 – Try yoga – rabbit pose

You do not have to be a long-time yoga practitioner to do this exercise. It was easier than you thought! Everything you need is just some time alone, comfortable space, and a wide enough floor or yoga mat. Lie your feet and your knees horizontally on the ground, keep your hip up, and slowly set your head or forehead on your front floor space. Try to grab your heels with your hands and your arms straightened. This rabbit pose helps your neck, back, and shoulders release tension. It also provides your brain with resourceful blood flows by compressing the parathyroid and thyroid glands.

08 – Warming your hands

Interestingly, when our heart feels under pressure, it will pump blood unfairly to all the body parts. Hips and shoulders usually get more blood because our body thinks that those are the parts dealing with the pressure the most. Thus, our hands will receive less and then cool down and get cold. Try to warm up your hands when you feel anxious. Washing hands or taking showers under hot water are the best choices to do so. Another tastier way to do this is to make a teacup and hold it for a while. The warmth coming from the cup, companies with the faintly fragrant of honey, for example, will chill your mind a lot. Besides, studies have also already shown that warming our hands can decline blood pressure effectively.

09 – Try ice packs

Keeping a couple of ice packs in your fridges is advantageous, not only for freezing drinks but also for chilling out yourself. Every time feeling paranoid, try putting some ice cubes on your lower back and holding some in your hand at the same time. You can combine this method with some of the above to utilize the effectiveness of distracting yourself. This method helps you gather some pressure and pain to the area where the ice cubes are placed. The feeling of a cooling body will step-by-step replace the anxiety, and the paranoia will be cleared.


Everyone who has ever been in the situation of feeling paranoid would have the most exact feelings and thoughts afterward. Suddenly feeling paranoid is not an exciting thought to think about, but an awful experience to suffer, in contrast. Keep those above methods in mind and try practicing them, then the day you can suffer from all the paranoia will come soon.