There are certain phrases that seem harmless but may irritate or even make others insane. That’s because the person who says them shows they don’t care for you or your feelings.

We have compiled a list of expressions that may lead to disaster, so don’t utter them to your loved ones.

“I told you so!” / “I knew it!”

Someone made an error, and you felt compelled to point that out? You also have to tell them that you warned them, that they disobeyed your warning, and that this is the outcome, right? Make them realize that you’re smart and know more than they do.

And this is in lieu of expressing solidarity? It’s no surprise that the person is enraged rather than admiring your brilliance.


If you react to a request with a blank face, don’t be shocked if the asker’s eyes show suspicion rather than appreciation. “Okay” can mean anything from “I’ll do it later” to “I’m not even going to bother about it, okay?”

“Forgive me for saying this, but…”

This is quickly accompanied by an offensive expression. Isn’t it just really convenient? You’ve apologised ahead of time, and now you can tell the individual the entire ugly truth. Why would they be upset in the first place?

“You wouldn’t be interested.” / “You wouldn’t understand.”

Consider the possibility that something you’re involved in may be of interest to somebody else! No one will understand or appreciate your feelings, and describing them would be a waste of time. All of their questions just serve to highlight their lack of knowledge on the topic. Isn’t it true that you know better?

“You didn’t tell me that!”

Of course, you may forget what you were told. So what’s the point in admitting it? You will rid the mind of your own flaws by saying, “You didn’t tell me that!” By the way, you even demonstrate what you think of your opponent’s sanity.

“I hear you.” / “I understand what you say.”

The other person is fervently delivering a message to you and is waiting for an answer. Instead, they must deal with the dry knowledge that you have ears, and nothing else. Deductions, opinions, and encouragement are beyond your dignity and are unworthy of consideration. This sentence makes that clear to them!


An uninterested “Relax” can always result in the exact opposite. You’re dismissing the gravity of your opponent’s challenge, and instead of expressing sympathy or empathy, you’re merely showing them their position.

“Here we go again…”

Your opponent may be really concerned about the problem, and they may have attempted several times to discuss it with you, but to no use. With this word, you’re letting them realize you’re just tired of and uninterested in the topic.

“Why do you need these expensive things? You’re beautiful as you are.”

You really expect reasons for spending?  Or maybe some kind of revelation regarding your opponent’s “splurge”? Instead, you get indignity? Strange. You certainly know more than they do how they can use their own money, and they have the audacity to be insulted by your thoughtfulness. They have no right to do so!