Love is all around us. We give and receive it every single day from family, friends, and romantic relationships. According to the study, people need love to survive. It makes the world go around. There is the fact that someone even rejects the love offered to them when it comes. Unfortunately, they even don’t realize that they are gradually rejects the love that comes to them.

“When we can identify what activates in us that causes us to retreat from being vulnerable and loving, we can start to understand why we act the way we do.” – Dr. Lisa Firestone

This study will show the way someone is rejecting love even if they don’t know about it. You can easier start to accept love and change your life if you are sooner recognizing the way you are rejecting love.



Why comparing yourself to other people is a way of rejecting love? When we compare ourselves to others, we usually try to compare their best features against our average or lower ones. You don’t realize that you are put yourself down than what you have and let your self-esteem down. This is the reason you are time to time rejecting love comes into your life. If you are one of this type, now try to focus on yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. Focus on what you’re good at, and make you a unique one. Show you are worth enough to offer some people or relationships. Stop comparing yourself to others, then it will be easier to be accepted for a love instead of rejected.

4 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Rejecting Love (And They Don’t Know It) King &Amp; Queen


There is the fact that we don’t always date the people that are going to treat us the way we deserve. This comes from someone who has feelings like they don’t deserve the kind of happiness and love that they desire the most. If you let yourself settle for less, you’re unfortunately rejecting the love of the people who would treat you the way you deserve.  Now let see again your past relationships to check if you are the kind of these people or not. If your partner is settling for less, try to tell them to receive what they deserve and allow yourself to find the type of relationship that you rightly deserve.

4 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Rejecting Love (And They Don’t Know It) King &Amp; Queen


The experiences of arguments, disagreements, and fights are very common in a relationship. “If a couple told me they never fight, then I would be worried”, said licensed marriage and family therapist Kiaundra Jackson. We can see arguments as a natural part of a relationship. However, arguments will be a reason for rejecting love when we start fights that don’t need to happen. People rejecting love not only start fights but also don’t let arguments resolve naturally. In order to maintain love, you need to take a step back and get a reality check before having any fights. Before starting any arguments, let yourself check what reasons for. You will find if you are trying to reject your love or not.

4 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Rejecting Love (And They Don’t Know It) King &Amp; Queen


When your relationship begins to make you have the vulnerable feeling, “we often convince ourselves that we don’t care that much about the relationship”, said Dr. Lisa Firestone Ph.D. This is the way we keep ourselves safe after shutting down emotionally. We are unrealized that we are rejecting our love from cutting off our emotions.

Shutting down emotionally is one of the ways people reject love without realizing it? How can we recognize it? Let step by step open and honest with your partner first. Only if you let your emotions be expressed, you may be able to accept love in your life.

4 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Rejecting Love (And They Don’t Know It) King &Amp; Queen

Final thoughts

Do you find yourself in these types of people? Have you used to start an argument without any reason? Are you often open up yourself with your partner? Do you usually compare yourself with others? Or do you settle less than what you deserve for? Knowing these things helping you to find ways to start accepting love instead of rejecting it. Remember that everyone deserves to love and be loved. Hence, stop comparing yourself with anyone, never accept less than what you deserve in a relationship, don’t let the unreasoning arguments happen, and feel free to open up emotionally with your partners. These are important steps anyone needs to remember to maintain or take back the love into their lives.

4 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Rejecting Love (And They Don’t Know It) King &Amp; Queen