All of us want to get back to our past relationships. Naturally, there are also compelling excuses to come back to your ex. In most circumstances, though, we quickly realize that the reasons for the reunification were only a fallacy. And these are often the answers to the question How to get your ex back at the moment you choose to start over.

We’ll explain why these 11 most frequent reasons are simply hollow shells in those cases.

01 – This time everything will be different.

The world is changing, so… they can be different, but sometimes different means worse. Data shows that partners who reconnect pay less attention to positives and focus more on negatives. Everything is never fixed and you love recalling previous complaints.

02 – He has completely changed.

People do not change. Not quickly and for no reason at least. Earnest ambition, inspiration, self-improvement, and time are needed to stop even the most negligible habit. Did your ex have anything of it?

03 – No one knows me better than him.

 You are right. You’ve been together a lot of time. However, did it not avoid the breakdown, the fact that you know each other too well? Maybe that was why you were apart — a relationship must still be mysterious.

11 Myths We Start To Believe When We Get Back Together With Our Exes King &Amp; Queen

04 – There are only idiots available, and I’m unlikely to find someone better.

On the other side of the line, the grass is still greener. You just don’t want to see the positive points of this new man, because the new relationship will put you into a new unfamiliar world.

05 – He isn’t perfect, but he’s mine.

The subconscious is more susceptible to defeat than victory. The same is true for a relationship. But ask yourself: to live happily with your dream match or live a poor life with a partner “not perfect, but mine?”

06 – I don’t have time to date or go on dating sites.

Knowing a new individual is primarily a chance to expand the horizons. Around 17 percent of married couples in the USA were contractualized on dating sites during the past year.

07 – We’re friends for now, and we’ll see how it goes.

In general, there is a low-quality relationship between former spouses. These partnerships do not glow with feelings and confidence. The ability to be acquainted with a former person may also be a symptom of mental illness.

08. You had a couple of drinks and kissed. You could go back home together.

Sleeping with their exes accounts for 43% of women and 47% of men. If you do, please note that your condition is not special, and it is not an excuse to start again. Don’t let it become a habit, since daily intercourse with an ex is a major barrier to a happy future.

09 – No one’s perfect.

No one is flawless. No one is perfect. Therefore, who even wishes for perfection? You just have to feel great and compliment one another.

You didn’t break up because either of you was not fine. For each other, you just haven’t been right. Accept it and proceed.

10 – My ex won’t leave me alone.

One of the partners may unexpectedly begin to exhibit activities that have not shown before after a break-up. Inattentive visits, calls, tweets, social network remarks. “Love,” we believe. “It’s impossible to forget me.” Although it’s a must of complete control most times.

11 Myths We Start To Believe When We Get Back Together With Our Exes King &Amp; Queen

11 – Maybe I’m exaggerating.

You could be. A second attempt may be a success if you have broken up due to family, job, or other external causes. But the cause of divorce is sadly most common, for example, adultery. And that’s a real cause for ending a bond.

Sometimes the moment you give yourself such excuses and try to answer the question of how to get your ex back. But think carefullly because when you do that, you will have to rush twice what you did last time. Because you will not only have to just heal the old wound in your heart, but also to try to build new memories.

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11 Myths We Start To Believe When We Get Back Together With Our Exes King &Amp; Queen